Electric LifeStylz offers a 1 year parts replacement warranty. This means if any piece of the hula hoop breaks or malfunctions within the first year of your purchase we will replace it for free. This warranty does not cover fire or water damages.

Electric LifeStylz offers a LIFETIME Service Warranty on ALL OF OUR HOOPS. No questions asked! If anything happens to your, EVER, you will not have to pay for the labor of fixing your hoop. Many other companies charge hourly rates to fix broken hoops, not us! We’ll do it for FREE!

The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are not covered by the warranty. We strongly recommend that you purchase back up batteries will any hoop.

Shipping Back
In order for us to repair your hoop, you will need to first ship it back to us. Electric LifeStylz does not pay for the shipping of hoops being sent back to us. We will, however, pay for the hoop to be shipped back to you after the repair is done (DOMESTIC US). If you are having trouble coiling down your hoop, click here for a quick video example.

Voiding The Warranty
Taking apart your hoop in any way will void your warranty. It is sometimes very tempting to think that you know whats wrong and that you can easily fix it. But before you know it, you’re in over your head and cant go further. We strongly recommend that you contact us right away if any issue arises.
Water damage will void your warranty.
Fire damage will void your warranty.
Any add ons to the hoop not provided by Electric LifeStylz that cause damage to your hoop will void your warranty.
BATTERY – ONLY PUT 1 RECHARGEABLE BATTERY INTO YOUR HOOP AT A TIME!!! Any damage caused by not following this instruction will void your warranty. We understand that with our multi battery function this can be confusing, but you need 1 rechargeable battery or 2 AA batteries, totaling 3.6V of power. Only use UltraFire 14500 rechargeable battery.

Due to our amazing repair service that comes FREE OF CHARGE, we are continuously being asked if we can repair hoops made by other companies. We absolutely do! All of our competitors charge for service on their hoops, along with charging for parts. This can become a very costly process. If you have a broken hoop that is NOT from Electric LifeStylz please email us at Info@ElectricLifeStylz.com with all of your information and we will make sure to try to help you get your hoop fixed!

Required Information for Repairs
We asked that with all repairs you please provide a summarizing NOTE within the box including Your Name, Return Address, Which hoop you have, and What needs to done to the hoop (to the best of your knowledge). This will help us speed up any repairs you might need.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEND YOUR BATTERY AND CHARGER BACK WITH ANY REPAIRS. Electric LifeStylz does not send back repairs with batteries and chargers so please hold on to yours!

Kinetic Hoop
The ELS SmartHoop follows the same warranty rules as all of our other hoops (listed above). If any issues arise with your SmartHoop contact us immediately, do not attempt to fix anything yourself. The SmartHoop contains very sensitive materials that can easily be damaged by misuse, which will not be covered be the warranty. The determination of warranty eligibility is solely at Electric LifeStylz discretion. Damages not caused by any action of the hooper will be covered in full by the warranty.
Only use 1 rechargeable battery a time. Using 2 will cause damages not covered by the warranty.