The Queen’s Gift

The Queen's Gift
The Queen's Gift
Price: $70.00
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LEDs Included
 8 Pink/Purple Bi-Strobing
 8 Color Changing
 8 Red Strobing

Hoop Size Options – Outer Diameter

Tubing Options
 HDPE – 3/4” OD
 HDPE – 1” OD
 PolyPro – 3/4” OD

3.6V 900mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Recharging Unit

Multi Battery Type Option
All of our hoops come with multiple battery type options! Use your rechargeable battery and when you are forced to charge it, you can temporarily use 2 AA batteries so you are never without your hoop!! This feature is also great for Festivals and other times when you are not near a socket to charge your battery!! Guarantees hooping all the time!

This hoop comes with free Domestic US Shipping. Based on the delivery address and type of residence, the package will be sent via USPS Priority or Fedex Ground/Home. There is an available Express Shipping at checkout. Express shipments take 1 – 2 days for delivery from the carrier. Selecting express shipping will still ship after the Handling Time.

Electric LifeStylz offers a 1 year parts replacement warranty. This means if any piece of the hula hoop breaks or malfunctions within the first year of your purchase we will replace it for free. This warranty does not cover fire or water damages.

Electric LifeStylz offers a Lifetime Service Warranty. No questions asked. If anything happens to your hoop, you will not have to pay for the labor of fixing your hoop. Many other companies charge hourly rates to fix broken hoops, not us! We’ll do it for FREE!

The rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are not covered by the warranty. We strongly recommend that you purchase back up batteries with any hoop.