Kinetic Hoop

The Kinetic Hoop by Electric LifeStylz is here! We have introduced the first affordable SmartHoop to the ever growing hooping community. The Kinetic Hoop has over 100 modes, full spectrum color options, and it is customizable!

The Kinetic Hoop is the first affordable smart hoop to use advanced LED technology, micro-processing, and intense visual patterns to give you the ultimate hooping experience. There are over 100 different modes on The Kinetic Hoop, each with their own amazing design and incredible look. Depending on the size of your hoop, it will contain between 90 – 108 LEDs, each LED capable of taking on any color of the rainbow, use color changing sequences, and also strobing patterns. The hoop will cycle through 40 different modes every 10 – 12 seconds, changing between random color combinations with each new mode to create a fresh, ever changing flow of mesmerizing hooping bliss!