Kinetic Hoop Minis

Kinetic Hoop Minis
Kinetic Hoop Minis
Price: $350.00
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Minis Base Model – $350.00

All Kinetic Hoop Minis are made with
 3/4″ HDPE or 3/4″ PolyPro Tubing
 23″, 25″, 27″ Outer Diameter Hoop Size
 Counter Balance Weights
 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery w/ Charging Unit (4 Included)
 Free Domestic US Shipping
 Lifetime Service Warranty (Check out the Warranty Page for more information)
 Optional Remote Control Upgrade
 Optional Custom Program Upgrade

Shipping & Handling : 7 – 10 Business Days

The Kinetic Hoop Minis are preprogrammed with 40 different modes, chosen by us and guaranteed to amaze! Every 10-12 seconds the hoop will cycle through the preset modes, randomly choosing between 20 preset color combinations.

This hoop can be reprogrammed in the future! If you decide later that you want different modes we can reprogram it for you. As we come out with new modes, you can upgrade those onto your hoop aswell!

Custom Programming Upgrade – $40.00

Want your own design?? We have that too!!! Here’s how it works:
 Choose which modes you want and which order you want them to cycle through
 Pick your own color combinations for the hoop to randomly choose each time a new mode appears

There are over 100 modes to choose from. You have the option to choose up to 40 in any combination, giving you free reign to customize the modes on your hoop! Pick all your favorites, create amazing synergistic effects, and hoop like never before. Also, there are thousands of color combinations to choose from. Each LED can take on any color in the rainbow. Create your own color banks for your hoop! We have arranged our custom form so you can maximize the hoops amazing customizing potential.

Custom Programming can be added to your hoop in the above options. You can fill out and submit the form either before or after you purchase the hoop, just make sure to include the Custom Program in your options. Use the link below to go to the form. Check it out now!

Get started now by filling out the form on our Kinetic Custom Form page.

Remote Control – $55.00

The Kinetic Hoop now comes with an optional Remote Control. This amazing feature gives complete control over the Kinetic Hoop. The Remote uses 4 unique functions to manipulate the modes of the hoop: Color Change, Mode Change, Mode Freeze, and Speed Control. Using the Remote is simple and easy. Watch the video to see the Remote in action.

The Remote Control can be added to your hoop in the above options. Check it out now!

Reprogramming – $40.00

Whether you buy the Base Model or the Custom Model, Remote Control, or Mini, all Kinetic Hoops can be reprogrammed for a $40.00 fee. In order to reprogram your smart hoop you will need to send an email to requesting a reprogramming ticket. We will then send you a link to our reprogramming form for you to fill out and follow the instructions.

Check out the Modes Gallery Page for more pictures to help decide which modes are perfect for the reprogram.

Here are the 40 preset modes, in order that they appear:

View Full Gallery Here

This hoop will ship from our facility within 5 business days. If you need it faster, you can choose rush handling by using the “Handling” option above –we will ship it from our facility within 1 business day, just choose “Ships within 24 hours”.

Free Domestic US Shipping. Based on the delivery address and type of residence, the package will be sent via USPS Priority or FedEx Ground/Home. Standard shipping takes 3 – 5 business days after leaving our facility. There is an available Express Shipping option at checkout. Express shipments take 1 – 2 days for delivery from the carrier.