Custom Form

How to Customize your hoop.

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You can fill out this form before, during, or after completing your purchase of the Kinetic Hoop. Simply submit a finished form to us and we will have it on record. Make sure to include the Custom Option when you select the options for your hoop, this is required to have the options on this form programmed onto your hoop.

Start by filling out your name and email. Make sure to use a valid email address, we will use this as a reference to contact you.

Now, you need to fill out your modes list. Please read all of the notes carefully and follow these guidelines…
 You may choose up to 40 modes. However, you are not required to use all 40.
 There are 2 ways to select each modes:
 1) Use the pull down tab for each
 2) Click on the picture of the mode you want to fill in the next mode line! (Gallery below)
 To help navigate through the gallery, there are 2 boxes with option filters.
 Filter the modes by color options and mode categories.
 Now, just select the modes you want and in which order.
 The modes will cycle in the order you list them in and then repeat after the final mode is done.
 You may choose the same mode more than once.
 Use the condensed gallery view below as a reference.

Notes & Tips
There is no “back” button or undo. If you want to remove an option you selected, you can select the “blank” top option in the pull down tab.
Each mode is on for 10 – 12 seconds
Similar chasers “w/ static” and “w/o static” next to each other creates a synergistic effect.
If you choose the same mode multiple times in a row will, it will change colors each cycle.
Make sure to have fun!!

The Kinetic Hoop will randomly select from these Color Combos with each new mode.
Each mode is labeled with which Color Combo set it will choose from. Use the filters to navigate easily.

Selecting your Color Combinations.
 You can choose up to 10 Color Combos for both 2 and 3 color combinations.
 At least 1 Color Combo MUST be chosen for both 2 and 3 color combinations.
 Many of the modes also have full rainbow as an option, you do NOT need to select this.
 Rainbow color is automatically be part of the random list.
 For a single color, select that color for both Color 1 & Color 2 (& Color 3)

Notes & Tips
If you select a single color in 2 Color Combo, and it is randomly selected for Chaser modes, the chasers will not appear because they will match the background.
For Chasers, Color 1 is the Chaser Color & Color 2 is the Background Color.
Flowers, Color 1 is for the pedals & Color 2 is for the center.
S Maze w/ Gaps, Color 1 & 2 are the maze colors, Color 3 is the separating line color.
Picking similar colors in one combo may cause too much blend. For example, Yellow-Orange & Yellow may be indistinguishable.
Chasers have an option for Rainbow Chasers, you do NOT need to select this. All Rainbow colors are automatically loaded on the hoop for free.

Here is a short list of colors tested and known to look great:
Dark Blue/Pink, Orange/Cyan, Dark Blue/Light Green, Pink/Lime, Purple/Yellow Orange, Blue Purple/Aqua, Orange/Purple

Yellow/Light Blue/Green, Magenta/Orange/Blue Purple, Orange/Purple/Lime Green, Blue/Blue Purple/Lime, Red/Blue/Green, Green/Blue Purple/Blue, Light Blue/Orange/Yellow, Pink/Cyan/Indigo

Review your selections.

Submit the finished custom form.


2 Color Combinations

3 Color Combinations



We are not responsible for the end result of your customized product.
If you are unsure of any specifics, please contact us right away.